The Ontario Native Literacy Coalition is pleased to announce In Memory of Feast – Reclaiming Our Sustenance Webinar 

The diet of indigenous people has changed drastically in just the last century and it is commonplace for many families to have moved into processed meals as opposed to the wild game and harvest that our ancestors had lived on for generations. But what effects has this shift in diet had on our people? How do we work to reclaim our sustenance?

Join our expert panel and distinguished guests Judy Reuben, Dr Bourassa, and Dr. Elkin February 23rd at 2:00pm EST as we discuss the release of In Memory of Feast by Turtle’s Back Publishing, a division of the Ontario Native Literacy Coalition, highlighting residential school survivors’ food memories. Let’s explore and examine how the dramatic change in diet has had generational effects on the Indigenous population’s health. Take a journey into indigenous food consumption, the lasting effects of differing influences, and how to reclaim our sustenance for future generations.

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