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ONLC offers Literacy Service Providers 2 different online systems to complete training.

Saba: for Live Classes

The Saba system is a social networking tool which provides ONLC with the option to present webinars, web conferencing and meetings to our all Literacy Service Providers in real time. ONLC’s future goal is to provide many forms of professional development utilizing such systems so Literacy Service Providers can continue to enhance and share their best practices from their home communities.

Moodle: for Short Courses

Moodle is a software package for producing internet based courses. ONLC’s future goal is to create “Moodles” for professional development. We will also encourage collaborations with Literacy Service Providers to share best practices.


ONLC offers free online training available to Literacy Service Providers in Ontario.

The ONLC Calendar of Events is to provide the Literacy Service Providers a venue to announce upcoming events at their centres as well as a reminder of MAESD information relevant to reporting deadlines as well as upcoming professional development meetings, webinars etc.

ONLC Calendar of Events