Introduction to Digital Learning (loose-leaf)




Introduction to Digital Technology

A Beginners Guide Preparing Learners for Employment using Digital Technology


This course provides a basic introduction to Digital Technology. The course is an interactive and integrated approach to learning. Each lesson is one hour in length. The lessons are progressive and build upon previously learned skills. Learners will gain knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enhance their ability to achieve success and make connections to further learning and opportunities.

Participants will learn through online videos, interactive activities, written articles, self-assessment and in-class inquiry challenges. The lessons are organized to include keywords, definitions, guiding questions and task-based activities.

Lessons include a “Facilitator Notes” section to aid in planning and delivery of lessons. Supplementary resources are included for learners to extend their skills and learning. The course includes a review and practice lesson, self-assessments, reflection activities and a culminating activity.

The timing and content of this course recognizes that participants have limited prior exposure to technology, online resources and computer language.

Learners will attain an introductory level of digital literacy and computer technology.

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