Indigenous Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics I-STEAM: A Basic Skills Course – Facilitator’s Guide

The term “STEAM” education refers to teaching and learning in the fields of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. This basic level course will provide an integrated and interactive approach for learning and functioning in a technological workplace and world. Learners will gain knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enhance their ability to achieve success and make connections to further learning and work opportunities.

This resource includes task-based activities with guiding questions, new vocabulary, and opportunities for learners to participate in inquiry-based exercises individually and in collaboration with others.

The CURRICULUM FRAEWORK is organized into six companies that reflect the skills, knowledge and behaviours that adult learners need in a variety of learning situations at home, at work and in the community:

  • Find and use information
  • Communicate ideas and information
  • Understand and use numbers
  • Use digital technology
  • Manage learning
  • Engage with others



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