Ontario Native Literacy Coalition Indigenized Assessment Tool

This resource has been developed as a Native specific assessment tool assessment for LBS and other employment related programs to utilize with Indigenous clients.

Consensus was that assessment for Aboriginal adults worked better and gave a clearer picture of a person’s strengths, ability and potential if they incorporated the following:

  1. do assessment in a holistic manner using tools that include culturally relevant materials and topics;
  2. use Aboriginal assessment practices and tools to measure success in other areas of the individual learner’s life, as well as in the learner’s classroom and learning environment;
  3. use assessment as a way for learners to demonstrate what they can do, but also a way to show their learning strategies, and to inspire further learning.

Frontline workers felt that an assessment tool that is considered to be generic so as to encompass all client groups does not consider that each learner has different life experiences which help them to develop different knowledge, skills and attitudes.

To purchase a hard copy– contact ONLC at SOA@onlc.ca