Preparing for Success

 This resource has been developed to help guide learners through a journey of understanding themselves, their role in their family and community and how that may influence their career direction. Developing a holistic idea of who the learner is will help them identify a career path that supports them on more than a financial level.

This resource includes:

  • Facilitator Guide – providing suggested learning task, milestone and activities that will promote basic understanding of concepts related to the Preparing for Success Program, while supporting literacy skill development. This guide is geared to teaching adult learners and uses a holistic approach to OALCF task-based activities format.
  • Learner Guide – has 4 lessons that are divided into five parts each. 
    • Spirit Centered – Vision
    • Heart Centered – Relationship
    • Mind Centered – Knowledge
    • Physical Centered – Action
  • Resources – provides additional resources such as:
    • Sample templates
    • Material list included in each lesson
    • Additional online tools and resources to expand lesson concepts


Not available as a download

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