Submission Guidelines:

Turtle’s Back Publishing is presently seeking manuscripts in the following genres: 

  • Graphic Novels
  • Playwrights
  • Poetry
  • Short stories (nonfiction/fiction)
  • Nonfiction/Fiction

Sending us a book proposal, please note: 

  • We are an Indigenous adult books publisher. 
  • As we are a division of the Ontario Native Literacy Coalition, part of our mandate is focused on adult literacy.
  • We only publish “un-published” Indigenous authors/artists. Must provide proof of Indigenous heritage.
  • We do not accept submissions by mail or fax. Please only send us your digital submission by email. 
  • Submissions must include a cover letter, a synopsis, and several sample chapters, rather than the entire manuscript. 
  • No editorial comment will be provided unless we are considering your submission for publication. 
  • In your cover letter please provide a brief summary of your submission, and how it fits into our mandate (Ontario Native Literacy Coalition and Turtle’s Back Publishing).
  • Include a short biography of yourself and contact information.
  • Include a general marketing plan (we would like to know your thoughts on promoting your book). 
  • For submissions of short stories, nonfiction/fiction, please include a detailed table of contents. 
  • All material must be double-spaced, 12 pt., and in Times New Roman/Calibri font.
  • Please indicate if your submission is a multiple submission. We understand that your time is valuable as is ours. We only ask that you share with us if you have submitted your manuscript elsewhere. 
  • Please note, that we are a small publishing house, and may be unable to respond to each submission individually. If you do not receive a response within five (5) months, you should assume that we have decided that your project is not right for us at this time. 

Please send your submission by email, as follows: 

  • In the Subject line include genre, name of project, and your name. 

Example: Query: Graphic Novel [TITLE] by [YOUR NAME]

  • If your cover letter is an attachment, please provide a short description of your submission in the email itself. 
  • Attach your manuscript in a single, separate document in Word or PDF only. For security reasons, please do not send links to shared documents. They will not be opened.
  • If you are submitting a Graphic Novel and you have been working with an illustrator, please include samples of their work or finished art (copies only). 
  • Additional digital images may be submitted as a JPG or PDF format. 
  • Email you submissions to

Good luck!