A Holistic Approach to Developing Task-Based Activities Part 1

Categories:Resource,Task-Based Activity


Presented by: Ningwakwe/ E. Pricilla George

Based on the findings of the 2013 ONLC Needs Assessment, these webinars and accompanying Practitioner Guide will provide a forum for participants to share their expertise and aspirations for using holistic approaches and methodologies that meet the requirements of the OALCF. Participants will work together through the steps of developing a task-based activity and have an opportunity to share their hopes and concerns with each other. After viewing the webinars, it is hoped that each participant will have the necessary resources to develop a task-based activity either on their own, or with the webinar presenter, the webinars and the Practitioner Guide will show how a Native Framework – the Medicine Wheel – and the OALCF can support each other in adult literacy programming. A product of this project is 100 task-based activities for the five OALCF Goal Paths. In preparation of developing a task-based activity, please remember to think of the most engaging activity that you have done with the learners thus far – and analyze it to pick out the competencies, tasks groups and levels that the learners have demonstrated!