How to use the Indigenous Women’s Roles Edu-Kit – An Iroquoian Perspective



This webinar will present information on how to use the Indigenous Women’s Roles Edu-Kit-An Iroquoian Perspective.

“Daughters, Sisters, Wives & Mothers” Education Kit 

ONLC is very happy to provide you with the first in the series of Indigenous Women’s Roles Education Kit.

This E-Kit developed for LBS programs will cover the Haudenosaunee (2014-15), next year we will develop one for the Anishnaabe (2015-16) and the following year Cree (2016-17).

The E-Kit is designed to be used as a stand-alone resources for individual task based activities or for a 3-5 week boutique program utilizing all the components in the package. This material promotes active student participation in group environment but can also be used by independent students with support from their teachers/practitioners.

Michelle Davis

Ontario Native Literacy Coalition, Executive Director.

Robert Rice

Bob Rice is an Anishinaabe and member of the Bear Clan from Wasauksing First Nation (located near Parry Sound, Ontario). Bob has been the Executive Director of Ningwakwe Learning Press (NLP) since 2001. As the Executive Director, his primary responsibility has been to provide leadership and management to NLP in the development, promotion and distribution of culture-based Aboriginal learning materials. He has been instrumental in the distribution of over 100 NLP?s published materials throughout Canada, the USA and other international locations. Bob is a former athlete who competed on Canadian X-country running and track teams as a Canadian representative at various international events, one such as the 1986 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh, Scotland. The same dedication he gave to running, he now gives to improving literacy in Aboriginal communities as an employee with NLP. Bob studied Physical Education at the University of Ottawa and Native Studies at Laurentian University. Bob currently resides in Owen Sound raising his 16-year-old daughter Genebugh-Rose and 12-year-old son Owen. When he is not working, he enjoys spending his spare time exploring the outdoor wilderness via running, hiking, drawing and writing.


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